Friday, June 30, 2006

You're Allowed to do Nothing

I'm really not much on about things like fortune cookies, et al, but I DO believe God can and DOES speak to us in a myriad of ways- including such things now and then. The key is being open and listening to hearing his voice at any time. I mean, he spoke through a donkey to Balaam once!

For example, last year on vacation I opened a "Dove Dark Chocolate Promise" candy and God used the message on the wrapper to speak to me. At that time I wasn't sure it was really God, but when I opened another one a day or so later, it had the same message. And because God was "pumping me so hard in the ribs with his elbow," I knew I needed to take the advise he was offering through this particular medium. I even might have blogged about it at the time.

Anyway, with that preamble I'm here to tell you I opened another Dove candy tonight and was almost bowled over with the message:

"You're allowed to do nothing."

Now that probably means nothing to you, but just this morning I said to Debbie: "I'm feeling guilty this year on vacation. Like I shouldn't be just doing nothing."

Now you can take that kind of stuff as coincidence if you'd like. But I don't believe in coincidence- I believe in Godincidence. Either that, or a coincidence is just a time when God chooses to remain anonymous. Take your pick.

This morning in my prayer time, I asked God about my idleness (when we need to be working to win the world) and he told me it was okay to rest. I've always believed that, but for some reason, I'm having trouble shutting things out this year and stopping the mad rush of busyness I left back in Maine.

Okay, God- I get it. I heard you and I'll listen. Too bad it took me over a week of vacation to start thinking about stopping.

Tomorrow we've got a few things planned, but I think I might just map out a nice nap on the couch.


Kathryn said...

here's to doing nothing!!! especially with 2 Dove bar endorsements from the Almighty!!! wooh!!! It never surprises me how God speaks and confirms His message to us!! Recharge and relax!

made4war said...

How is big is that house??? You need a map to get to the couch? That's awesome!!

Kathie Thomas said...

I'd like you to get in touch with me please about this story. I'm writing a book on God-Incidences and would love to include this story. All contributing authors will receive a complimentary copy of the book and will be able to purchase further copies at half price.